Our goal is to provide critical transparency into what is an otherwise opaque and nascent space.

We're here to shift awareness of the problem to awareness of solutions.

Target Audience


Know your direct and indirect competitors.


Gain inspiration and potential ideas by taking a look at the market.


Understand the underlying technology that goes into performing ethical AI and make ethical AI tooling part of your diligence.


Appreciate the companies that are devoted to making the world safer and fairer for everyone.


Abhinav Raghunathan

University of Pennsylvania

Abhinav is currently pursuing an MSE in Data Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to UPenn, Abhinav earned degrees in Mathematics and Computational Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. He is a published TEDx speaker and frequently writes on topics within ethical AI including algorithmic bias / fairness.

Venkat Raghavan

Benhamou Global Ventures

Venkat is a Partner at Benhamou Global Ventures. Prior to BGV, Venkat was the Vice President for Strategic Business Development at IBM Research where he incubated and deployed early-stage research technologies into IBM’s AI, Cloud and Blockchain Offerings. He focuses on trends in software like: Programmable Cloud, Enterprise Ethical AI, and Privacy / Security.

Emmanuel Benhamou

Ethical AI Governance Group

Emmanuel serves as Managing Director for the Ethical AI Governance Group (EAIGG). He also leads Strategic Communications and Policy efforts for BGV, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on global Enterprise 4.0 technology innovation, meaning a new wave of B2B startups that combine artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, and proprietary access to data to deliver actionable insights for enterprise businesses.

Ash Tutika

Ethical AI Governance Group

Ash is currently the Chief of Staff to the CEO at Arena, a Charles River Ventures & Craft Ventures portfolio company. He also supports the Ethical AI Governance Group, a non-profit community of AI investors, executives and technologists working to open-source best practices for responsible AI.